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Million Token

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Social NFT Metaverse

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We are now Hearts.ART!

We have decided to upgrade & pivot our metaverse project from 2D to 3D with a focus on socializing around NFT collections. Please visit by clicking the button below:


Crypto Social NFT Metaverse

Community Exploration

  • Select your unique NFT avatar.

  • Explore around the environment.

  • Chat with friends or strangers.

  • Enter any community buildings.

  • Discuss among members with powerful group messaging tools.

  • Share NFTs such as Art, Music, Games and more natively.

  • Play mini-games like Robo Arena.

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Build Your Own Community

  • Reserve your plot in a village.

  • Create your community building.

  • Select from templates or use an easy builder.

  • Decorate your interior.

  • Share through social media plugins

  • Lock & Own through NFTs
    *These features will be launched in 2023*


The Lion Run Clown World Tent

  • Quarantined in a camp

  • Socialize to make friends

  • Plan your escape

  • Run for your lives!

  • Avoid the Guardian's syringes

  • Defeat the Reptilian Queen

  • Win an NFT House!

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Unconfiscatable Avatars

A Social Reserve Currency

Techi Leadmoto engineers the Million Token to offer financial freedom. Holders of Million Token are rewarded with unique NFT Avatars.

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Avatar Airdrops

Million Token holders will be whitelisted for NFT playable character drops. Airdrops will be announced at various times. Please review announcements on social media and the Roarmap below.

The Roarmap

Lion Legends: Genesis Edition

Launched October 2021 

We have officially airdropped the first generated NFTs to Million Token holders who held at least 1 MM on Sept 30th 2021 Midnight CST. Please click on the OpenSea logo to explore the collection. You can buy, sell, and gift using their platform safely. Keep in mind the NFTs are on the Polygon network.

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Avatar Drops & Game Previews

October 2021 - March 2022 

Avatar airdrops will be conducted through various methods such as Million Token owner snapshots, social media contests and much more. Connect with us on Discord, Twitter and others to check these announcements. We will also be showcasing interactive game previews to showcase our progress and get community feedback.

Official World Launch

April 2022 Launch 

This will be the first release of the social metaverse. You can pick your NFT avatar, privately chat with friends or strangers, roam around the Lion Village, play mini-games, bid on art auctions and much more.

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The Technicals

Massive Multiplayer Social Game

  • Unlimited Players

  • Many buildings (communities) in villages connected by roads. 

  • Social hangout focus first "Social NFT Metaverse"

  • Browser based platform with Metamask integration.

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Million Token on Polygon Matic

  • Defi native token with fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens.

  • Fiat currency on-ramp and off-ramp with directly into the Polygon network through Matic token.

  • Easy bridges from Ethereum network, and Coinbase (coming soon).

  • Low transaction fees 

  • Metamask and OpenSea integration

NFTs and OpenSea

  • Own all your game assets through NFTs in your crypto wallet.

  • Trade your NFT Avatars & Loot freely on platforms like OpenSea.

  • Own and win unique avatars, loot items, community buildings, and much more through NFTs.

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Social Collaborative Development

  • Inviting Million Token community members to contribute to development.

  • Expand the social environments to hang out in with an easy builder.

  • Allow developers to create mini games that players can portal into.

The Million Community Team


Marketing Lead

Regrettably graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a business degree. Taught himself Internet Marketing by Googling "How to make money online" in 2007. Sold art/jewelry on cruise ships. Known to talk way too much.

Fully Dox'd

Full Name: Carl "Misol" Zetterlund


Dev Lead

Likes long walks at the lake while pondering how to scale apps on the clouds beyond our solar system. Known to see the future.


Art Lead


Jack of all trades and master of the arts. Known to sleep with a samurai sword.




Fights for the rights of penguins to be respected as 1337 coders. Known to whip out the tuxedo for casual occasions.




leonardo dicap.PNG

Riles up anyone who stands in Misol's way. Known to draw blood in the Lion's Cage on Discord.




Whips up java like its his morning ritual. Known to code while sleep walking.




Believes the universe is actually made out of tiny pixels rather than protons. Known to be looking for the holy pixel.




Mastered the art of creating iconic and striking graphics. Known as bizzle the fomo king!




Keeps the chaos at bay in the Discord.  Known to keep on eye open on the Lion's Cage even while sleeping.

Midi Mages



Jack of all artistic trades with a melodic flare.  Known to fight for fairness and justice.

The Socials


Discord - The Headquarters


Twitter - The Crypto Universe


Telegram - The Townsquare


Reddit - The Graveyard


Facebook - The Human Resources


YouTube - The Town Hall


Twitch - The Daily 9 PM US Central Night Club

The Exchanges

Polygon Bridge

Transfer Ethereum or any Ethereum Token (ERC20) using Metamask wallet. Contact us in Discord for free Matic tokens to use as gas fees so you can convert your Ethereum in Polygon to Matic/USDC/MM (Free Matic Airdrop).

The BEST place to buy Matic tokens and transfer directly to the Polygon Network to buy MM and participate in free NFT drops. The best place for US citizens and other countries. Allows bank transfers and credit cards.


Exchange on Polygon Network between any token with their decentralized tool. Logo links directly to the Million Token info page where you click Trade to access the exchange with Million Token pre-populated. Exchange

Transfer Matic tokens direct to Polygon network (Warning: up to 2 Hours to Transfer to Polygon Network). Also support trading of Million Token but these are not transferable to Polygon Network. Non-US Citizens only.

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